Support EERI-BC

Whether you are an individual, a local consulting firm or a society, your support of EERI-BC as we strive to establish ourselves in the local community is invaluable. By showing your support, you are helping contribute to the improvement of earthquake preparedness in the British Columbia region. In return, we will publish all supporters on our website so that its visitors can see that you are affiliated with EERI-BC and our mission is important to you.

Submit a Letter of Support
As the regional chapter of a multidisciplinary society, we are excited to unite the various parties involved in the different aspects of earthquake preparedness and more efficiently move towards the common goal that we all have. If you would like to send us an Official Letter of Support, offer to collaborate on future projects, work alongside EERI-BC on future projects or would otherwise like to express your support on behalf of your organization, please send an email to our President at

Donate to EERI-BC
In addition to funds provided by our members, monetary donations will provide with the financial means to jump-start the initiation and organization of events, projects and other Chapter activities. 


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